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Tunes, movies and more with Media Player

There are a hundred and one apps trying to serve as music players, starting with the default Windows player and going up to the famous iTunes. However, serious users often find themselves looking for a third party option that would otherwise go unnoticed. Doing its best to be seen in the crowd is the simply titled Media Player by Digital Cloud Technologies Global, a free Windows store app with a lot of useful features and a great aesthetic.

Listen in style and ease

Media Player is a good program for balancing features and appearance. Naturally, first and foremost it can play media files stored locally on your machine. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and it also covers other bases, making it a kind of one-stop program, great if you listed to several sources regularly. For example, the super search function lets you search for tunes and audio on Soundcloud, making it easy to set up your own streaming radio feed and find new music. The same function can be used to browse for videos on YouTube, so you don’t have to open a browser every time you want to see your favorite content. This program supports playlists and has hotkeys for quick skip, rewind, pause etc. Couple this with a sleek design and smart interface and it could easily replace your default player. The player also has useful integration.

Powerful but not entirely free

Under the hood, Media Player has support for all the main windows video codes among many more, plus all the usual music files from mp3 to flac, but sadly not ogg. The default list of codecs can be expanded with in-app purchases which expands to cover non-standard formats like mkv. It is up to users to decide if this is worth paying more for. Some other features which are locked behind paygates are access to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, an equalizer and wider DVD compatibility beyond Windows license limitations. When it comes to usability, the app is very simple and arranged in a logical manner, with playlists down the right and controls on the left. All the text and images match the appearance of Windows Metro, so this app will fit right in. Playlists are supported in a wide range of formats and can be edited with ease, plus the application itself has a lot of customable settings which should prove useful. Last but not least, it can respond to multimedia keys on your keyboard, which is essential for casual listening.

Playing it cool

Media Player is one of the better looking music and video apps out there, plus it has a big range of features. If you like all your media in one place, from music to radio and video, this is perfect. It’s worth trying the app for free before buying and extra formats, as you can always choose to try something else in future. With a user-friendly layout and smart Windows integration, this should be a prime candidate for replacing the default player.

With Media Player You definitely will enjoy your favorite media content anytime and anywhere!

The most popular Media Player is UWP App now!

More than 2 million users of Windows 8.1/10 worldwide are already using Media Player to watch and listen to media content really comfortable!

Now Media Player is UWP App, and you can use the best player on any your Windows 10 device!

Media Player solves all problems with playback such formats as .mkv, .flv, .vob, .flac, .wm, .mov, .avi and more than 200 others.

This player not only allows to play files, but also it gives really positive emotions everyone who uses it.

Media Player features include:

- Playback of all popular audio and video formats.

- Creating and editing audio and video playlists.

- Watching video with subtitles. Supports internal and external subtitles.

- Search and watching videos from YouTube.

- Search and listen to audio from SoundCloud.

- Playback files from DVDs.

- Equalizer.

- Access to media from One drive, Google drive, Dropbox.

Try Media Player right now! Get only pleasure from media content!

You can get unlimited functionality using Media Player in-app purchase or by installing VIP version of this app - Media Player Gold!

Enjoy using!


  • Attractive aesthetics and fits in with Windows Metro
  • User friendly layout
  • An all-in-one media solution
  • Free to try


  • Payment required for rarer formats

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Media Player for PC

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